Sunday, November 24, 2002

Dinner 11/23

Soupe aux truffle Elysee
Truffle Soup Elysee
(from Paul Bocuse's French Cooking p.58)

Porcini Rubbed Tofu [Turkey] w/ Shiitake Gravy
(from Bon Appetit 11/02 p.191)


Edith Piaf - Best of

*Trying out part of the Thanksgiving dinner a little early just to see how it would work out. It did.

I also made a slight modification with the tofu by adding fresh porcini mushrooms (ahhhh) on top of the tofu cutlet, and then rolling the whole thing in phyllo dough. It handled the gravy just fine and didn't get soggy at the table. Next thing to tackle -- the cranberries and the brussel sprouts and chestnut side dish...

As for the soup... we just saw that segment again on Food Network where Bocuse himself makes the soup so Liz made some puff pastry for the top of the soup

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