Friday, January 23, 2009

Tian de Courgettes, Soupe a la Bonne Femme et Champignons Grilles

Dinner 1/23

Tian de Courgettes

Soupe a la Bonne Femme

Champignons Grilles

Dipping back into the Escoffier cookbook tonight for all three dishes...

I was reading Joël Robuchon's "Robuchon" cookbook this week, and in reading his ratatouille recipe was struck by two things: his technique isn't much different from the version we make (he also likes to cook his ingredients one at time), and how much we all owe to Escoffier for cataloging these dishes.

Escoffier's Tian de Courgettes is really a proto-ratatouille, minus the eggplant (which we added). This has become our son's favorite version.

The Champignons Grilles is really just mushrooms on toast -- but in this case we scored some nice Pom Pom (Lion's Mane) mushrooms at WF this week. So after a little saute with olive oil, salt and pepper, they went on the grilled sourdough loaf.

The soup is simply leek, potatoes and veg stock, but when all three are done right, it's a stunning soup...

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