Friday, September 04, 2009

Chiles Rellenos, Grilled Fry Bread

Dinner 9/04

Chiles Rellenos

Grilled Fry Bread

Both of the recipes come from an episode of Barbecue U: (the fry bread subs soy milk powder; the rellenos, Cheezly & Daiya)

We had to adapt a couple things, as we used our indoor grill -- first, we smoked the poblanos (cut in half and seeded) with hickory wood for 20 minutes. This also had the effect of cooking and softening the poblanos slightly, which cut 5 minutes of grill time.

Then, lacking a lid, we improvised -- using two wok lids while grilling the rellenos, which did the job of melting the cheeses.

The end result was incredible, and in the future, we're smoking the poblanos every time...

The fry bread was a nice complement to the rellenos, great for picking up the stray bits of beans.

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