Monday, April 19, 2010

Vegan Iron Chef 2

Vegan Iron Chef 2*

Yesterday was the second Vegan Iron Chef competition at Kent State. The secret ingredients were quinoa, local kale, ramps and Gardein (one of the sponsors). This year, VegiTerranean chef Scot Jones stopped by with Chrissie Hynde while we were cooking to say hello and asked if we could make an extra plate for Chrissie. We were so glad we made a little extra of everything. ;)

This is the version of what we sent over to her, as well as the "reserve" table -- people who donated money for the opportunity to eat all eight courses. The judges plates were slightly different, but I didn't get a shot of those before they had to go out to their table.

Here's the original test plate idea from last night. I realized about 2am that it was going to be too big of a portion for the judges who were probably going to be very full by the time they got to our plate. So, we streamlined as above.

There was a huge crowd this year (easily 200+ people) -- and a special thanks to Niki, as well as Laura and John, for driving down and hanging out while we were cooking.

The most often asked question -- "what are those?" while pointing to the yellow beets.

Second most asked question -- "is that your car in the parking lot with the TOFU license plate?"

The final result was "deja vu all over again," with the team from VegiTerranean winning, Molly Aubuchon second, and us in third (out of eight teams), exactly how it was last year.

* must. resist. urge. to. say. electric. boogaloo.

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