Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lettuce and Tofu Soup with Gyoza, Kabocha and Adzuki Beans

Dinner 7/07

Lettuce and Tofu Soup

(stuffed with shiitake mushrooms, shallots & napa cabbage)

Kabocha and Adzuki Beans

Occasionally, we like looking through the stacks in our library for something different to make. The recipe for Lettuce and Tofu Soup caught my eye, at first because it almost seemed like a cliche of the type of dish that omnivore's think vegans eat. Then, when I read the whole thing, it seemed like damn good idea for dinner. ;)

The soup is very much like a stir-fry (tofu, carrots, scallions) with a fortified broth (shiitake mushroom broth, sherry, sugar, tamari) with the addition of shredded romaine lettuce added near the end of cooking, which retains a decent amount of textural crunch.

We added our own touch to the soup with the addition of (seared and steamed) gyoza/pot stickers filled with shiitake mushrooms, shallots and shredded napa cabbage.

Filling out the meal was the Kabocha Squash and Adzuki Bean recipe from Alica Silverstone -- a nice hearty pairing with the soup and gyoza.

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