Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tomatillo Enchiladas with Alder-Smoked Tofu, Corn Soup with Nopales and Pepitos

Dinner 8/11

Tomatillo Enchiladas with Alder-Smoked Tofu

Corn Soup with Nopales and Pepitos

A long-time favorite here at wthdavea...

The corn tortillas were pan-fried in oil for 10 seconds per side and then dipped in the tomatillo sauce (roasted tomatillos, roasted jalapenos, roasted garlic, soy milk, Mexican oregano, cilantro, garlic salt & pepper, all pureed together)

They were then stuffed with the alder-smoked tofu (pan-fried, splashed with tamari, cut into strips), a little more Daiya, and diced red onions.

The enchiladas were put into a baking dish (single layered) and topped with the remaining tomatillo sauce and Daiya. It was baked in a 400F oven for 20 minutes.

The enchiladas were served along with a corn & potato soup (corn, potatoes, mushroom broth, soy cream, Mexican oregano, salt & pepper), topped with nopales (grilled cactus) and pepitos (roasted pumpkin seeds).

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