Monday, October 24, 2011

Barley & Potato Soup with Seitan Sausages, Red Cabbage and Onions, Biscuits

Dinner 10/24

Barley & Potato Soup with Seitan Sausages

Red Cabbage and Onions


The soup is a riff on Graupensuppe, a German-style barley soup -- carrot, onion, celery root and leeks, topped with fried seitan sausage.

The red cabbage was pan-fried along with the onions, ground caraway seeds, salt & pepper -- the only thing I changed was an added shot of tomato paste and 1 tbs. of garlic -- and it was finished with a really cool German beer-vinegar (which I need to find again).

Also, the biscuits? Flaky good...

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