Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alder-Smoked Risotto with Peas, Grilled Tofu and Mushrooms

Dinner 12/27

Alder-Smoked Risotto with Peas

Grilled Tofu


Time to break out the stovetop smoker again, not only for the grilled tofu, but also the arborio rice.

We made a little foil pouch for the 1 cup of rice to sit in as it was smoked, along with the tofu, for 25 minutes. The tofu was then marinated: 2 tbs. olive oil, 2 tbs. tamari, 1 cloves of garlic smashed, 1 tsp. agave, 1 tsp. ketchup and freshly ground black pepper to taste. While the tofu was grilling, it was basted with the remaining marinade.

The risotto was made pretty much as before in the original recipe except using the smoked rice and having cremini mushroom to work with tonight.

All in all, a hearty risotto for a cold winters night...

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