Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Raw Food Wednesday: BBQ Mushroom Pizza

Raw Food Wednesday 03/28

BBQ Mushroom Pizza

We haven't made a raw pizza in ages, but it turned out really well...

(This is another recipe-in-progress -- but here's a rough outline of what we tried.)

In the spice grinder we started out with a 3:1 ratio of flax seeds to sunflower seeds along with oregano, fennel seeds, sun-dried tomato (not the wet kind). That was added to the vita-mix along with minced red onion and a tiny bit of garlic. The wet ingredients -- nama shoyu, olive oil, lemon juice -- were added with enough water to turn it into a fairly thick paste.

The crust was rolled out with a (moist) rolling pin, transferred to a teflex sheet and dehydrated at 105°F for 1 hr, flipped, scored into individual slices before it got too dry, and dehydrated another 5 hours.

The cheese (soaked cashews, quinoa rejuvelac, shallot, miso, lemon juice) was pureed in the vita-mix and spread over the slices with an offset spatula and dehydrated for another hour.

Finally, the BBQ Mushrooms (King Trumpet mushroom stems sliced about 1/4" thick, marinated with nama shoyu, miso, raw agave, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice) were dehydrated for about an hour, then placed on top of the cheese and dehydrated for another hour.

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