Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kushiyaki with Jasmine Rice, Tempura Okra and Onion Rings

Dinner 9/02

Kushiyaki with Jasmine Rice

Tempura Okra / Onion Rings

Kushiyaki is simply Japanese shish kabob, really the same thing we normally make (mushroom, tofu, red bell pepper, cherry tomato), marinated with tamari, olive oil and pepper.

It was served along side of jasmine rice and the tempura (recipe). The okra (from Saturday's Farmer's Market) and onion rings, were served with a spicy dipping sauce made with rice wine vinegar, tamari, agave and infused with thai chiles (also from the same vendor at the Farmer's Market).

The okra pods we're delish, but next time were going scrape out the seeds and fill them with soy cream cheese mixture, sort of like we've done with the squash blossoms in the past.

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