Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fettuccine and Mushrooms with Mustard Greens and Chard, Savory Cheesecake Souffle over Arugula

Dinner 3/22

Fettuccine and Mushrooms with Mustard Greens and Chard

Mini Savory Cheesecakes over Arugula

The pasta was made with the leftover dough from the ravioli, run through the fettuccine attachment on the Kitchen-Aid mixer.

I can always tell when spring has truly arrived when we start getting produce from Bill Pennell at Rootstown Organic Farm -- the mustard greens and chard were outstanding. I cut them in a chiffonade to mimic the fettuccine.

Liz also made the Mini Savory Cheesecakes -- a riff on a Jacques Pepin recipe from the "More Fast Food My Way" show, subbing soft tofu for the eggs, and using soy sour cream, Earth Balance and Sheese Blue Cheese. Here's a close-up in the ramekin...

...and served over arugula in the salad.

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