Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Raw Food Wednesday: Chimichangas, Corn Cakes, Strawberry Tart

Dinner 5/06


Corn Cakes

Strawberry Tart

The tortilla is simply a larger version of the red bell pepper shells we've made earlier. Pour the batter out in a circle large enough to almost cover the entire dehydrator tray -- about 12".

Then it's as easy as stuffing it with your favorite filling (we had guacamole, our queso fundido cheese recipe, tomato, walnut taco filling, and shredded lettuce), rolling it up, tucking in the sides, and dehydrating for another 30 minutes or so.

Next time we'll make some sour cream to put on top, but tonight we had some red bell pepper and tomato salsa.

The corn cakes, as always, rock...

Other than popping them directly into your mouth by the handfuls, this is our favorite way of eating strawberries! ;)

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