Saturday, August 15, 2009

Buffalo Tofu, Spicy Blue Potato and Corn Salad, Yellow Bean Casserole

Dinner 8/15

Buffalo Tofu

Spicy Blue Potato and Corn Salad

Yellow Bean Casserole

The buffalo tofu is totally different version than our recipe from February, swapping shallots for the onion, and Sriracha for chipotle, because there was chipotle in the corn salad already, and we wanted to switch the flavor profiles around. In place of the bbq sauce, we had agave, tamari, sherry and ketchup.

The Spicy Blue Potato and Corn Salad is a test recipe for Isa's next cookbook. We stumbled across the blue potatoes at the farmers market this morning, which set the course for tonight's dinner. The organic corn, as always, came from Heron Hills Farm.

Blue potatoes are cool...

The casserole is a riff on the green bean version we made last time, swapping out the yellow beans, which were also picked up at the farmers market.

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