Saturday, August 01, 2009

Grilled Tofu, Fennel and Wine Cap Mushroom Risotto

Dinner 8/01

Grilled Tofu

Fennel and Wine Cap Mushroom Risotto


Peach Crisp with Coconut Ice Cream

The tofu used the same marinade as the other night.

We went to the Shaker Square Farmers Market this morning and picked up a large haul of mushrooms from Killbuck Valley (Hi Tom!). He had picked these young Wine Cap Mushrooms yesterday. They're very woodsy, with an almost pine-y flavoring. So we went with a fennel risotto flavored with lemon and fennel broth that was made with the fronds/leftover bits of fennel (that we also picked up at the market).

Also found at the market: peaches. Yum!

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