Monday, February 08, 2010

Hot and Sour Soup, Vietnamese Spinach and Water Chestnut Dumplings

Dinner 2/08

Hot and Sour Soup

Vietnamese Spinach and Water Chestnut Dumplings

We went shopping the other day at CAM Asian Supermarket on Miles Rd. in North Randall (across from the abandoned Randall Park Mall) -- and you've already seen the lotus root chips, long beans and King Trumpet mushrooms from that trip.

We also picked up Vietnamese spinach (a.k.a. Mồng tơi, which has a very earthy taste), fresh water chestnuts (which are so much better than the canned versions it's not even funny) and fermented black beans -- all of which ended up in the dumplings.

The Hot and Sour Soup is from Veganomicon, with the addition of stir-fried tofu, carrot, red bell pepper and shiitake mushrooms.

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