Saturday, December 25, 2010


Dinner 12/25


The nice thing about vacation time is that we can try out some things we haven't had time for during the course of the year. Tonight, as an experiment, we decide to make "tofuyaki" a play on the traditional Japanese dish takoyaki.

Not having a takoyaki pan handy, we broke out the cast-iron aebleskiver pan and got down to business.

Tofuyaki is basically a tempura batter with smoked diced tofu and green onions placed in the center. Here, the batter is poured into the aebleskiver pan and the tofu and green onions are added.

Then you keep rotating the batter as the bottom section firms up to make a spheroid shape -- or as close as we could get the first time out. ;)

Then it's plated and coated with a ponzu sauce and served with a cool refreshing beverage, in this case -- a Buddha's Hand Cosmopolitan.

As an experiment, it was a (tasty) success -- but there's two or three things we need to work on for the next batch, before we post a recipe...

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