Monday, April 04, 2011

Vegan Test Kitchen

Vegan Test Kitchen 4/04

With Vegan Iron Chef III around the corner, we spent the weekend trying out a couple of ideas...

Starting with a zucchini lattice wrapped around tofu ricotta, wrapped in plastic, and steamed to shape. they were about the size of a tennis ball -- we need to get them more golf ball sized.

Hopefully the filling can be modified to accept the secret ingredient.

Next up, a tapas idea, thinly cut beet rounds, marinated in blood orange & olive oil, filled with a mix of soy cheese cream & dill and topped with caviar (somehow you knew that was coming back).

These worked out fine, we just need a slightly bigger beet -- but they're kind of delicate.

Another tapas idea is Patatas Bravas -- unlike the sous-vide version, these potatoes balls were taken out of a large potato with a melon baller, then blanched, drained and rolled (continuously) in a pan with olive oil & Earth Balance. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and smoked paprika, and then deglazed with red wine vinegar & sherry. I wouldn't change a thing on these.

These will probably be part of a larger skewer.

Finally, it was late and silly (but tasty) things happened.

More to come...

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