Friday, August 31, 2012


Dinner 08/31

Lobster Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms

Steamed Baby Artichokes with Sea Salt

Chickpeas and Mushrooms deglazed with Sherry

Padron Peppers



Lobster Mushrooms sliced

Lobster Mushrooms cooked, splashed with tamari

Morel Mushrooms sliced

Morel Mushrooms cooked, with black pepper & tamari

Padron Peppers raw

Padron Peppers cooked (splashed with lemon juice & sea salt)

Chickpeas and Cremini Mushrooms deglazed with Sherry

Steamed Baby Artichokes (tossed with Earth Balance & Sea Salt

Homemade bread

In an effort to catch-up on the blog, August is now all-picture month ;)

...and with that, we're caught up!

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