Monday, April 02, 2018

Ye Olde Stir-Fry 2018 Version

Dinner 04/02

Ye Olde Stir-Fry 2018 Version

(Steamed Rice, Seared/Steamed Brussels Sprouts and Shiitake Mushrooms with Hoisin Sauce, Tea-Smoked Tofu, Carrots, Steamed/Seared Bok Choy Shredded Yuba, Wilted Spinach with Sesame Seeds topped with Cucumber, Scallion and Kimchi)

Ye OldeStir-Fry 2018

Much like Heraclitus said "You can never eat the same stir-fry twice"* -- every one is slightly different and tonight's was no exception. We rely on the "what needs to be used in the fridge" scale which gave us Seared/Steamed Brussels Sprouts as the leading veggie (paired with shiitake mushrooms and a hoisin sauce)...

Brussels Sprouts

Topping it all off is Liz's (by now) standard homemade Kimchi.


* I'm paraphrasing here.

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