An open letter to the hardworking PR folks.

Dear PR Folks:

First of all, thanks for thinking of us in regard to your client's PR needs. However... I know you're busy, and so are we -- so let's keep this simple. This blog is about our daily vegan menu and the pretty pictures we take to illustrate the meals.

That's it -- that's all we do.

Here are our guidelines in response to your recent/future inquiries.

  • We don't accept offers for any food products / beverages / coupons / gifts / "guest" posts.

  • We don't write reviews of cookbooks / tv shows / videos / movies / food products.

  • We won't promote links to your client's promotion(s) / contests / new products / links to "content farm" blogs / link exchange with "content farm" blogs.

  • Also, please don't scrape our RSS Feed.

Thanks for reading this far. If possible, could you please remove us from your mailing / distribution / PR list?