Sunday, June 09, 2002


Bob's Eggplant
(seared then oven roasted, finally broiled with a mirrin, sake, sugar and miso reduction from Food and Wine)

Bento Spinach Roll
(Parboiled Spinach rolled on a sushi mat, then dipped in a soy/sugar mixture topped with toasted sesame seeds from "Cooking The Japanese Way" / Nina Froud 1963 p.196)

Sushi Risotto
(with English Peas, Shiitake Mushrooms and using a Fennel and Mushroom broth and sushi rice instead of aborrio. Surprisingly good.)


Peaches In Foil
(grilled in foil w/ Cognac, Nutmeg and Brown Sugar from "Honorable Hibachi" / Kathryn Popper 1965 p.180 over Vanilla Glace "ice cream")



Ryuichi Sakamoto mix tape

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