Saturday, March 13, 2004

click for larger pictureDinner 3/13

Red Pepper Soup w/ Mango Puree

Morel Mushroom Stacks w/ Fennel Puree plus two vinaigrettes: Basil and Mustard Seed

"Mashed Potatoes" (cauliflower and nut puree) and "Gravy" (miso based sauce)

* the first two are from Charlie Trotter & Roxanne Klein's "Raw", the last from Juliano's "Raw: The Uncook Book". Another all raw foods dinner tonight -- the first two are relatively "easy" recipes from Charlie & Roxanne (i.e. they only took two hours to make, although you did have to soak the mustard seeds for 10-12 hours). The soup was nice and spicy w/ horseradish root -- and small aside here -- the cashier at the store asked a) what was it? and b) what is it for? -- answer -- it's a long story ;) The "gravy" reminded both of us of the gravy I make for colcannon, because both are miso based.

Also, in the pictures, you can see that the morels stacks we made last night are fairly tall and hence more unstable -- about 30 seconds after I shot the photos, one of them fell over -- file that one away under "architecture of food theory 101"

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