Monday, December 29, 2008

Tofu Curry, Pulao, Puri, Toor Dal

Dinner 12/29

Tofu Curry



Toor Dal

The tofu curry is a riff on the mini-phyllo cups we made for the holiday party -- our son loved them so much, that I promised to make a large format version just for him. Neither of our children are big fans of Indian cuisine in general, but the irony is that this recipe isn't the slightest bit traditional.

It starts with reducing apple juice down to a syrup, then adding garlic, ginger, curry powder, vegenaise and currants to make the sauce. Then braising the fried tofu pieces in the sauce until it thickens. Easy & tasty, yes -- authentic, er.. no.

The pulao is pretty standard -- basmati rice with currants, pistachio and spices that matched well with the tofu curry.

The toor dal and puri are another winning combination of slow cooked yellow lentils and deep-fried puffy breads that could double as pillows.

Tasty, tasty pillows... ;)

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