Saturday, January 09, 2010

Chickpeas, Soyrizo, Collard Greens & Cremini Mushrooms, Zucchini & Sheese Fritters, Roasted Garlic & Potato Bread

Dinner 1/09

Chickpeas, Soyrizo Collard Greens & Cremini Mushrooms

Zucchini & Sheese Fritters with Mustard, Garlic, Vegenaise & Smoked Paprika Dipping Sauce

Roasted Garlic with Potato Bread

Small Spanish-style plates with garlic, smoked paprika and olive oil tying all of the dishes together.

The first dish features pan-fried collards (cut in chiffonade), cremini mushrooms (cut in quarters, finished with a splash of tamari), the soyrizo (crumbled) and finally chickpeas with garlic, salt, pepper & smoked paprika. Then all the separate elements were combined and tossed together.

The Sheese (Gouda & Smoked Cheddar Style) squares and zucchini rounds were dipped in a tempura-like batter (seasoned with smoked paprika) and deep-fried for 2-3 minutes @ 375F until golden brown on both sides. The dipping sauce was vegenaise, dijon mustard, garlic, smoked paprika & salt. Yes, it was awesome. ;)

The tip of the garlic head was removed, coated with olive oil and a pinch of salt, and roasted for about 45-50 minutes @ 425F. It was then spread over the grilled potato bread that makes you want to eat it every day for the rest of your life...

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