Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seitan Osso Buco, Polenta

Dinner 1/14

Seitan Osso Buco


The recipe for the Seitan Osso Buco is here. We didn't change much, perhaps a few extra carrots to bulk it up this time around. We used a 2005 Coturri Founder's Series Estate Zinfandel (unfiltered/unfined) for the wine portion of the stew, which added a rich depth and color to final dish. Thankfully, there was enough left over to have with the meal as well. ;)

The polenta makes a surprise return appearance tonight. A surprise in that our son, who has previously expressed disdain for polenta, loved it so much the other night that's all he was talking about in the days between servings. He's also had a recent reversal of opinion on risotto as well. Now, we haven't changed the way we've made either dish, nor can we explain it on a simple change in the type of cornmeal or the arborio rice we used. We can only chalk it up to a changing of his palate. Now, if we can just get him to like couscous...

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