Friday, October 25, 2013

BBQ Portobello Stems, Artichoke Dip, Braised Leeks and Baguette

Dinner 10/25

BBQ Portobello Stems

Artichoke Dip

Braised Leeks


Not so much "dinner" as much as "a series of tasty appetizers" -- starting with these little guys, the stems from portobello mushrooms which were smoked, split down the center, skewered and basted with BBQ sauce, and finally grilled. Liz now wants to go to the store and see if they'll give her the stems they were probably throw out anyway. ;)

Here's the rest of the meal, before the hordes descended and ate it all... Liz made the baguettes (one per person please) and the artichoke dip, I did the Braised Leeks (recipe)

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