Tuesday, April 23, 2002


Tofu [Pork Confit] with Lentils and Soyrizo [Chorizo]*
(Paula Wolfert / Cooking in South-West France)

Ruby Red Crescents Potatoes
(boiled, then rolled in salt, pepper and herbs de provence)

Braised Leeks
(Julia Child / Art of French Cooking Vol. 1)

Olive Bread


Glace Chocolate Ice Cream

* A great book I don't use much, but dragged it out and tried out a modified version of the recipe, substituting pan-fried tofu cut into strips layered into the lentil/soyrizo mixture. Spicy and hearty at the same time. The potatoes were great too, the herbs really bringing out the earthiness of the "pommes de terre". And we never go wrong with braising the leeks, always sweet and tender.

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