Tuesday, May 14, 2002

One of the perks of my job as webmaster for the cooking school is that I get to meet some interesting folks that I might not normally, holed-up here in my little webmaster bunker, errr office. Case in point, last night I got meet and hang out a little with Alton Brown as he dutifully signed a giant merchandise pile of his signature salt-cellars. The school apparently got some of the last originals in the warehouse, and he signed most of them under the lid in record time ("So, when do these show up on eBay again?" I joked). He also signed copies of his new book "I'm Just Here For The Food" Alton said, "I don't like the dust jacket much, but the hardcover looks good, more like a textbook"

His publishers (Stewart Tabori & Chang) set up a little book tour between the shooting his show "Good Eats". Alton says they shoot three times a year and that they just finished season 6.1 and will start on 6.2 when he gets back.

He graciously signed all the books and salt-cellars proffered to him and took pictures with the class after his demonstration on how to make souffles.

And little known fact about Alton -- he's a blogger too.

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