Friday, March 03, 2006

Dinner 3/3

(dumplings stuffed with tvp, onion, parsley, salt, pepper, cooked in a herbed broth and served with soy yogurt, pepper and mint)

White Bean and Kale Soup
(cannellini beans, onion, roasted garlic, carrot, "red boar" organic kale, veg stock, smoked salt, smoked paprika, sumac, cinnamon)

Loubieh/Loubeh/Loubie/Loubie Bzeit/Loubie Bi Zeit *
(slow cooked green beans, onion, tomato and roasted garlic)

The Manti recipe is adapted from the new issue of Saveur -- we subbed out tvp for the traditional ground beef/lamb and used egg replacer for the dough. There's basic versions here and here to give you an idea...

* yes, rapidly approaching the numerous spellings of the all time champ poppadams/papadams/poppadoms/puppadoms/pappadams/pappadums ;)

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