Monday, July 02, 2007

Pad Thai, Dim Sum Vegetable Buns

Dinner 7/2

Pad Thai
(tofu, garlic, scallions, celery, carrot, red bell pepper, bean sprouts, noodles)

Dim Sum Vegetable Buns

The Pad Thai sauce was tamarind, fermented black bean, tamari, sesame oil, palm sugar and sriracha -- a nice balance of sweet, sour, salt and heat.

The Dim Sum buns were stuffed with a mixture of stir-fried tvp, carrot, ginger, garlic, scallion, sesame oil, tamari and pepper. We made 16 vegetable buns all together, but half of them seemed to magically vanish right after this picture was taken. We suspect our son had eaten them before he ever made it back to playing Rainbow Six: Vegas...

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