Sunday, September 02, 2007

Grilled Pizza, Grilled Figs

Dinner 9/02

Grilled Pizza
(morel mushrooms, roasted garlic, tomato sauce, nutritional yeast, FYH Monterey Jack, leeks)


Grilled Figs
(topped with Soy Cream Cheese, Just Like Honey and Pistachio Nuts)

We finally got around to grilling the pizza for a change -- the dough is the usual pizza dough recipe, simply grilled and topped with the always phenomenal morel mushrooms along with leeks and homemade tomato sauce.

The kids loved it, and so did we -- the nice thing was that it was much faster cooking directly on the grill, so we were all able to eat sooner...

And seeing as we already had the grill going -- we made the figs (topped with soy cream cheese, Just Like Honey and pistachio nuts). Simple and tasty -- figs usually don't do much for me except when they're perfectly ripe -- and these were spot on...

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