Friday, September 28, 2007

Roasted Tofu and Jerusalem Artichokes, Chanterelle Mushroons, Lentil and Chard Soup

Dinner 9/28

Roasted Tofu and Jerusalem Artichokes

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Lentil and Chard Soup

We scored a case of chanterelle mushrooms right off the truck today, so expect to see them pop up frequently over the next week...

The Roasted Tofu and Jerusalem Artichoke dish is an adaptation of a Martha Stewart recipe from a few years ago -- the pan-fried tofu is roasted along with shallots, garlic, olives and artichokes, then braised with wine, and lemon juice for the last 20 minutes or so.

We've tried just roasting the tofu in the pan, but it didn't work as well as lightly pan-frying it first, and then finishing with the rest of the ingredients in a 475F oven.

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