Saturday, April 26, 2008

Asparagus Wrapped in Seitan with Grilled Ramps

Dinner 4/26

Asparagus Wrapped in Seitan

Grilled Ramps

While surfing through the channels last week, we came upon Rachael Ray. I gather she's much like the British Empire, the sun never sets on RR on TV -- somewhere one of her shows or commercials are on. She was making a batch of asparagus which had been blanched, marinated and wrapped in prosciutto, which was then cooked on a grill pan.

We've experimented with asparagus in the past (wrapped in phyllo, wrapped in crepes, wrapped with roasted red pepper, wrapped in omelets).

So, tonight we made another batch of seitan, pounded it out thinly and lightly pan-fried it. Then wrapped the seitan around blanched, marinated asparagus.

The seitan was secured with twine and grilled, turning every couple of minutes -- this also gives the asparagus a nice color.

Plated, in this shot, with the grilled ramps holding the package together after snipping off the twine...

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