Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Raw Food Wednesday: Broccoli Quiche, Daikon Noodle Soup, Spinach Salad with Radishes and Pumpkin Seeds

Raw Food Wednesday 4/2

Broccoli Quiche

Daikon Noodle Soup
(adapted from RAWvolution)

Spinach Salad with Radishes and Pumpkin Seeds

We had made the sprouted buckwheat shells a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of this meal. With raw foods, it's never to early to plan ahead! ;)

The broccoli, mushroom (broken down into less than 1/2" pieces), garlic and shallot were tossed with a little olive oil and nama shoyu and dehydrated for about 45 minutes. That was mixed the cashew cheese and stuffed into the shells and dehydrated for 8 hours at 105F. Finally topped with the cherry tomatoes.

The soup is one our faves from RAWvolution -- daikon are juiced, mixed with water, lemon juice and salt -- filled with spiral sliced zucchini and parsley.

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