Friday, April 25, 2008

Roasted Tofu with a Miso Glaze, Jasmine Rice, Lettuce Cups, Gyoza, Lotus Root Chips

Dinner 4/25

Roasted Tofu with a Miso Glaze

Jasmine Rice

Boston Bibb Lettuce Cups

(stuffed with Spinach and Water Chestnuts)

Lotus Root Chips

Adapted from a Wolfgang Puck recipe, just sub tofu for the fish, and pour all of the marinade over the tofu in the roasting pan (he did it in the episode, but not in the recipe) and cook for a little longer (about 15-17 minutes) until the top of the tofu starts to show some darker color.

My daughter was very happy to see the lotus root, it's (surprisingly) one of her favorite foods. Go figure ;)

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