Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chili Salad

Dinner 07/17

Chili Salad

With temps in the low 90s and the heat index topping 100°, a salad begins to look like a really viable choice for dinner. ;)

The chili started with 1/2 cup of TVP, soaked for 15 minutes in veg stock along with smoked paprika and cumin. While that absorbed, we sauteed one diced onion, 3 cloves of garlic until golden, added salt, pepper and a little ancho powder (to taste). Then we added the in soaked TVP and cooked that until it all the liquid had evaporated and started to darken. At this point Liz likes to add 1 tbs. of dark cocoa and 1 tbs. of tamari.

Next we added 32 oz. of cooked kidney beans and 16 oz of Pinto beans (you can use pressure cooked or canned -- canned was a really good option tonight.) Finally we added a 28oz can of whole fire-roasted tomatoes, crushed them with a potato masher and let it simmer on the back of the stove for 40 minutes until thickened. Check for seasoning and serve over a bed of baby romaine or mixed greens, top with your favorite hot sauce, a splash of lime, vegan sour cream and line the bowl with chips.

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