Friday, July 12, 2013

No-Knead Bread, Sherry-Infused Mushroom Pate

Appetizer 07/12

No-Knead Bread

Sherry-Infused Mushroom Pate

Liz wanted to try out the No-Knead Bread technique by Jim Lahey (author of "My Bread" and "My Pizza") to see what would happen when using Einkorn Flour.

The first batch was made a few days previously -- the final loaf was in the ballpark -- perhaps a little wet, which made it difficult to handle. We baked it in our large cast-iron dutch oven, which was one size too large and led to a rather tasty, but thin loaf.

So after a few adjustments (an extra bit of flour and yeast), Liz made a second batch, this time baked in the Le Creuset French Oven (7 1/4 Qt.) -- after first removing the lid handle, which will melt at 500°.

As you can see, it turned out really well -- a rustic loaf with a deep, well developed flavor. The kids also loved it.

Liz also made some large breadsticks (almost baguettes) from the no-knead dough that paired very nicely with the Sherry-Infused Mushroom Pate (recipe from "Urban Vegan" by Dynise Balcavage) -- which uses pecans to great effect.

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