Saturday, December 03, 2005

Buddha's Hand

We found one of these aromatic citrus fruits unexpectedly in a local grocery store yesterday. Not our usual one, but one nearby that we occasionally go to when we're in the area. They had three, but this was the nicest looking one...

Last year we special ordered a case of them (here's the picture from last year), and we ended up vacuum sealing two out of the batch -- and they still look good.

There's no "juice" in the fruit, but you can use the zest (we make scones and cakes) or you can candy the peel -- or stick one the "fingertips" on the rim of a nice martini for a unique garnish ;)

The aroma however, is the main attraction -- put it in the middle of the room and soon you're awash in a heavenly lemon / persimmon / blooming flower paradise.

The only drawback? They're not cheap -- the one pictured was $6.99. But, as I said, they do vacuum seal and freeze well.

also known as Hand of Buddha or Fingered Citron

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