Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dinner 4/1

(tofu, fresh water chestnuts, red bell pepper, baby corn, re-fried jasmine rice)

Green Beans with Red Miso and Sesame Dressing
(2 tbs. red miso, 1 tbs. ground sesame seeds, 3/4 tbs. mirin, 1/2 tbs. sugar worked into a paste which is thinned by the water still attached from the drained green beans)

Seared/Steamed Brussel Sprouts
(seared in sesame oil, steamed with 1/2 cup of mushroom stock, 1 tbs. tamari, 1 tbs. sake)

Bamboo Rice with Shiitake Mushrooms and Pea Shoots
(done in a risotto style: 1/2 rice, 2 cups of veg dashi -- 2 1/2 cups of water, a small piece of kombu and 1 tbs. sake brought to a simmer and reduced to 2 cups -- with a splash of shiitake mushroom stock at the end)

We picked up the bamboo rice a few weeks ago at Urban Herbs in Cleveland and finally had a night to try it out -- the rice is short grain and very green, but isn't techincally a sushi rice -- although you can probably use it without the sushi police knocking down your door ;)

The final result was extremely tasty, and well worth searching out...

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