Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Raw Food Wednesday: UnStir-Fry, Cucumber Rolls, Romaine Salad

Dinner 4/12

(parsnip rice*, red bell pepper, carrot, scallion, zucchini cubes and bean sprouts mixed with puree of garlic, ginger, nama shoyu, sea salt, szechuan pepper, black pepper, e.v.o.o**)

Cucumber and Pea Shoot Rolls
(thinly sliced cucumbers, cashew cheese, pea shoots)

Romaine, Avocado and Cherry Tomato Salad
(meyer lemon, olive oil, fresh ground mustard seed, sea salt and pepper dressing)

* three diced parsnips put into the vita-mix (one at a time) and pulsed very briefly on high to break the parsnip into rice sized pieces. then they're tossed with 1 tbs. of nama shoyu and tiny, tiny bit of sesame oil and put onto a teflex sheet in the dehydrator for 45 minutes @ 110° F

** yes, kill me now...

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