Monday, May 22, 2006

Freezer Week: Day 1 -- Sweet and Sour Seitan, Jasmine Rice, Scallion Pancakes

Dinner 5/22

Sweet and Sour Seitan
(seitan, onion, garlic, ginger, carrot, red bell pepper, baby corn, pineapple. the sauce: tamari, ketchup, black vinegar, agave. cornstarch slurry -- 1 tbs. cornstarch, 1.5 tbs. of cold water mixed together -- as a thickener)

Jasmine Rice

Scallion Pancakes
(w/ hoisin, tamari, agave dipping sauce)

We had so much fun with "Pantry Week" that we decided to have a sequel: "Freezer Week". Ever since we got the Foodsaver*, it has gotten constant use. So much so, we got to the point that we had to buy a second refrigerator for the garage, just to store all the extra food. It really comes in handy when buying seasonal food in bulk.

Tonight's entries are the scallion pancakes -- a thin dough embedded with scallions, deep fried and served with a hoisin-based dipping sauce. These were from October of 2005, which in our freezer, makes them somewhat of a newcomer. ;)

There's a little grocery store down the street from us that has some decent produce, but it doesn't always sell in a timely manner. So they have a little "reduced for quick sale" section -- and lo and behold one morning in October of 2005 there were five huge bunches of scallions. By the end of the day, we had made/vacuum-sealed/frozen 24 scallion pancakes (in packages of four).

* (full disclosure: I openly mocked my wife when she bought this off the infomercial -- I have since seen the error of my ways and have retracted that statement, your honor.)

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