Thursday, November 02, 2006

Coturri Tasting at Riverside Wine and Imports

Coturri Wine Tasting Dinner 11/2

(click for larger pictures)

Raw Pizza paired with Coturri Charbono
(buckwheat shells, cashew "cheese", tomato sauce, walnut spread)



Seitan Bourguignon with Mushrooms in Phyllo paired with Coturri Lost Creek Pinot Noir and Coturri Jewel Pinot Noir



Shepherdess Pie paired with Napa Syrah and the Napa Cabernet
(smoked tempeh, tofu, corn, carrots, peas, smoked paprika, veg stock, flour)




Chocolate Madeleines with White Chocolate Pearls paired with the P. Coturri Family Zinfandel

Once again time for Riverside Wine and Imports annual tasting for Tony Coturri's awesome group of wines.

We did four dishes tonight to pair with the wines listed above -- and yes, we went with the raw pizza as the opener. Risky perhaps, but it worked wonderfully with the wine -- I think you'll see more raw foods sneaking into the tastings from now on ;)

We also went with Isa's test recipe for the Shepherdess Pie -- and it came through perfectly with the Cab/Syrah combo of wines. Good comfort food on a cold and snowy evening...

The seitan bouguignon is a classic -- I used the Coturri Lost Creek Pinot Noir in the making of the dish which enhanced it further, making the sauce extremely aromatic.

Liz made the chocolate madeleines and white chocolate pearls, which were extremely elegant and matched the always tasty P. Coturri Family Zinfandel.

By the way, Tony and his brother Phil were featured in the Nov. 15 issue of Wine Spectator ("Sonoma Mavericks") and is a good overview of their wine making philosophy...

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