Sunday, April 22, 2007

BBQ Tofu (slight return)

Dinner 4/22

BBQ Tofu
(tofu, tamari, bbq sauce, onion)

A Lazy Sunday indeed... 78F and lots of sitting around drinking cool refreshing beverages, hanging out on the deck and...

Kids: "Dad! What are we having for dinner? We're starving!"

Me: "zzz... crap, what time is it?"

Kids: "5pm. And don't make something that's going to take three hours to prep and an another hour to cook, like you always do!"

Me: (winces) "What do you want?"

Kids: "BBQ tofu!"

Me: "We just had that last week."

Kids: "So?"

Me: "Fine, I could make that new rub I saw in "Chili Pepper" and make that Kansas City style tomato and molasses sauce I've been meaning to try..."

Kids: "No! Use the bottled stuff, now!"

Me: "Damn."

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