Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hoppin' John with Hickory Smoked Tofu, Fried Okra

Dinner 4/12

Hoppin' John with Hickory Smoked Tofu
(adapted from the Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook: onion, salt. pepper, red pepper flakes, black-eyed peas, basmati rice, tomato, veg stock, tamari

Fried Okra

Apparently the Lee Bros. don't cook anything without bacon in it -- so the solution is to hickory-smoke the tofu.

One of central tenets of our personal style of cooking (we have tenets and a style, who knew?) is adding layers of flavor wherever possible -- and smoking has become one of our "go to" methods.

I know it seems like extra work when you can just dump some liquid smoke (*shudder*) into whatever your cooking, but with the variety of woods available and the level of flavor imparted, the extra time and effort is well worth the results...

We sort of made the okra "hush-puppy-ish" -- almost tempura-like with the addition of a bit of cornmeal. Highly addictive. ;)

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