Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Red Chile Seitan and Potatoes with Escabeche, Arroz Verde and Pozole

Dinner 4/03

Red Chile Seitan and Potatoes with Escabeche

Arroz Verde
(poblano chiles, water, cilantro, basmati rice, salt, pepper)


The slow braised seitan stew is adapted from Rick Bayless... the braising liquid is soaked ancho chiles, garlic, mexican oregano, sugar, salt, cumin, clove and a wee bit of veg stock and tamari to give it a little depth.

The Escabeche is simple thinly sliced onions and apple cider vinegar left to marinated for a few minutes -- it adds a nice contrasting crunch to the meal...

The rice is from the first Bayless book -- an easy mix of poblano cooked in water for 10 minutes, then pureed with cilantro and salt. The puree is added to the sweated onion, garlic and basmati rice, and cooked pilaf-style for 15 minutes.

The pozole (hominy) soup is a simple mix of onion, garlic, smoked paprika, tomato, hominy, salt, pepper, mexican oregano and veg stock.

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