Saturday, June 25, 2011

Squash Blossom Fritto Misto, Mixed Peppers with Lemon Juice & Sea Salt on Baguette

Dinner 6/25

Squash Blossom Fritto Misto

Mixed Peppers with Lemon Juice & Sea Salt on Baguette

A "Small plates, loosely joined" meal...

It was yet another milepost in the summer season as Liz picked up some squash blossoms at the Farmers Market (in Hudson this week). She needed a way to keep them fresh until dinner -- the cat vase filled with water did the trick.

The squash blossoms were stuffed with a mixture of vegan cream cheese, shallots, nooch, salt & smoked paprika, dipped in the usual batter (using plain water instead of the soda water) and deep-fried.

The peppers (anaheim, cubanelle, sweet red) were pan-fried in 1 tbs. olive oil, then splashed with a juice from half of a lemon and tossed with 1 tsp. of sea salt, then served on a sliced and toasted baguette.

We also had a little leftover soup from last night -- all of it was served with Spanish Cava -- ah, summer!

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