Sunday, February 20, 2005

Dinner 2/20

Tofu Au Vin
(recipe adapted from Alton Brown)*

Boiled Potatoes w/ Parsley

Endive Salad w/ Mustard Vinaigrette

Homemade French Bread

* Liz saw this the other day and wanted to make it -- Ironically, this was the very first "vegan" dish I ever attempted (not Alton's version, but a very 1970's French cookbook that we still have). The trick is not put the tofu in with the sauce until the last minute, because the crispy flour dredged piece of tofu will turn soggy pretty quickly...

(As an aside, we haven't been able to get Spring Creek Tofu for more than a month now (production problems?) and it's making me twitchy -- the substitute -- "Tree of Life," while adequate for a stir-fry, isn't as good for cutlets (and/or dredging). It just don't saute/sear as well -- it may just be the different water content, but I miss Spring Creek...)

Liz spent the day in the kitchen not only making dinner, but knocking out some of her fabulous French bread. Yes, I'm a very lucky guy ;)

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