Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lunch 2/19

Raw Corn Bisque
(corn, coconut water, lime, corriander seed, jalapeno, cilantro, ginger, garlic)

Raw Chiles Rellenos
(left over from last night, added to the dehydrator for an extra hour or so)

Raw Zucchini Roll-ups
(zucchini, marinara, raw cheese)

normally I don't blog lunch -- but circumstances dictated that we do today -- for two reasons: one, that we didn't use a book for a change (just sorta winged) and I took pictures -- two: due to circumstances beyond my control, this was to be the last raw meal of the week. We had ordered a new dehydrator (the Excalibur 2900) Monday, but it hadn't shown up in time to make what was to be the final raw food dinner -- Meat Loaf (from Juliano's book) -- so 14/15 raw meals would have to do...

We're going to try to do one raw dinner a week just to see how it goes, but the results this week were encouraging, it's possible to do raw in the dead of winter, but as I mentioned last time we did this preparation is the key thing. Plus, having made some of the recipes before there wasn't that feeling of being completely in over your head ;)

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