Friday, June 16, 2006

Carciofi Ripieni, Fava Beans, Herb Stuffed Focaccia

Dinner 6/16

Carciofi Ripieni
(artichoke braised in veg stock stuffed with a mixture of olive oil, parsley, garlic and pine nuts)

Fava Beans
(fava, olive oil, salt and pepper)

Baked/Fried Tofu

Herb Stuffed Focaccia
(oregano, thyme, rosemary)

I've been promising to cook the artichokes differently for ages, and tonight I finally broke down and did one of them as a braise -- just in case it didn't work out there was the regular steamed artichoke as back-up ;)

We didn't need it, as the classic method was intensely flavorful. The broth, after it had reduced down, was so tasty that we ended up using it as a dipping sauce, and the rest was soaked up by the focaccia.

The kids again helped with the Fava Beans, cutting the prep time by 2/3rds -- and was a nice time to sit around the table and just talk as a family...

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