Friday, June 30, 2006

Seitan and Okra Stew, Red Peas and Rice, Pepperpot Soup

Dinner 6/30

Seitan and Okra Stew
(seitan, onion, garlic, okra, salt, pepper)

Red Peas and Rice
(red kidney beans, jasmine rice, coconut milk, salt, pepper)

Pepperpot Soup
(collard greens, dinosaur kale, chayote, yam, scallion, okra, Scotch Bonnet pepper, veg stock, tamari, coconut milk, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper)

Time to fire up Lee "Scratch" Perry and King Tubby on the iPod and get on down with the dub stylee...

The red peas (kidney beans) and rice is a Jamaican classic, as is the okra stew -- surprisingly our son is really digging the okra these days as well. The Pepperpot Soup was sublime -- loads of flavor, texture and controlled heat (from the Scotch Bonnet pepper). Leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

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